Meet LR Wilson

Empowerment Coach

My name is LaToya Wilson, Owner of LR Wilson Consulting. I'm an Empowerment Coach, Blogger, Author, Ghostwriter and Influencer.  My passion is to empower people to be the absolute BEST they are destined to be! 


I self published my first book in 2019, the S.H.E.E. Journal. In addition, I have collaborated with other authors & have published work in Lyrical Freedoms, by author De’Vonna Pittman. I am highly experienced in writing and editing books for other authors, speeches, correspondence, publications, emails, etc. 


My blog Channeling Tequila: Giving Them Something to Talk About is about everyday life, trending topics and poetry/spoken word - written exclusively by me. The poetry/spoken word is my signature Sweet Dreams Collection. I write to inspire, educate & guide anyone to #findyourhappy, so you can live a life of self love, true happiness and individuality. Self love is LIFE! 

I am also the Founder of an online healing group entitled S.H.E.E. (Sisters Healing Evolving & Empowered).  This group is dedicated to healing traumas, evolving after trauma & empowering each other to move through WHAT WAS and into WHAT IS! 

As a small business owner, I understand the dynamics of connection with my clientele and the importance of making sure they are given the utmost attention and satisfaction. I pride myself on providing exceptional service and dedicating time to each client in an effort to produce the best quality outcome of all projects. The experience with me is more than the cliche’ “The Customer is Always Right!” I promise a partnership!