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S.H.E.E. Foundation

The S.H.E.E. Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit working to empower persons who identify as female with the skills needed for long-term personal success in their lives. Through a holistic, person-centered approach, we help members discover and reach their full potential. We believe that all females have quite a few special places in society and it is never too late to claim that space. 


Project DIVA International

LR Wilson is a Success Coach, Mentor, and Board Member with Project DIVA International. PDI is created to lead girls in middle and high school toward being able to confidently live their individual visions - sustainably. That journey begins with each girl defining who she sees herself as, and articulating what type of lifestyle she desires to live.


Future Leaders Matter

LR Wilson is a Mentor of middle and high school girls with Future Leaders Matter Youth Mentorship Program where she is mentoring young girls in developing life skills.


The MomPreneur CEO Virtual Awards Gala

Trailblazer Award - This award recognizes a mompreneur who is on fire and blazing the trail in her industry. She is a pioneer and a risk-taker who is willing to travel paths that have not yet even been created. She is an authentic, revolutionary, radical action taker and is changing the way the world views mompreneurship while forging new pathways for others to follow.

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