A Rose Is Never JUST A Rose

Updated: Jun 23

If you've ever received a single rose or a dozen of roses not one of them looks identical. The process that a Rose goes through in order to get to the sheer beauty that we've come to marvel had to go through some things to get there. A rose is a very beautiful flower that can come in many different colors. Hell they even have levels of classification from upper to lower depending on their beauty and growth. Then those thorns! If you've ever been stuck by the thorn of a rose you understand how much pain that beautiful entity brought into your life. You forget instantaneously how much that hurt once you gaze at the beauty of each petal of the rose.

I had the wonderful pleasure of speaking with the author of the book "The Concrete Rose Experience: A Journey of Transformation" earlier today and when I tell y'all I was NOT ready. This book was real, raw, disturbing yet invigorating and empowering! The courage that went into telling her truth and owning her destiny as well as her mistakes is phenomenal to say the least. We connected because the 2019 Empowerment Event "Channeling Tequila Presents: Let Your Mind Speak: The Inner Woman Dialogue" resonated with her. Please please please check it out:

The Concrete Rose Experience: A Journey of Transformation

Y'all know how I digress...back to the rose! We are all roses with our share of thorns. We've endured pain as well as given pain to others. Some intentional and some unintentional, yet pain ensued. Roses have a unique smell and every petal is designed with love from mother nature. Not one rose is the same no matter how many you put together. This freak of nature as some would say is definitely reminder that each of us are unique in our own way. We have thorns and growing pains. We must go through the process in order to get to our beauty.

We are beautifully unique...arriving in different colors and most importantly A Rose is never JUST a Rose!


With Love,

LR Wilson, Founder

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