Beyond Divorce

Updated: Jun 23

Sitting here wondering what exactly happens Beyond Divorce? I mean I've spent over half of my life with the man I thought I would be with "forever". Well first all intent and purpose..."forever" came quicker than! I can laugh about it now in my "After the Pain" Betty Wright voice. But baby let me tell you..when I was going through the process it felt like I was preparing for a funeral. In a sense it is just that. Laying old things to rest. This was one of the hardest decisions I've ever had to make in life. No matter what we've been through, I still believed yep we can get through this too. Nope...we couldn't! The reality set in pretty quickly!

To be quite honest, I must admit I had a sliver of hope all the way into the first court hearing. Things would magically fix themselves. I would wake up and this was all a nightmare. Cameras would flood me in the parking lot of the courthouse because clearly I was being Punk'd by Ashton Kutcher. Uhhh...nope none of that shit happened. But what did happen was a WHOLE DAMN MOMENT OF CLARITY during the court hearings. I found out that I'm human and I can no longer bundle those feelings until they burst out the seams of my existence. So that's what happened. I cried...cried...cried a little bit more...then I boss'd up! It was time!

I had to go into beast mode because the Leo was being cornered. We all know when a lioness is cornered...there should be grave concern. One thing I do well is work under pressure and prove others wrong about my ability. Beyond Divorce was in full effect...

I needed to set all feelings, emotions, past love aside. It was straight business now. It had to happen. I was under that age old impression that "people would do for you as you would do for them". Well I'm here to tell you....take care of you and yours! Once your mind is set to will be alright!

You have to remember no matter how long you were with someone, YOU were a person before that happened. YOU still are a person in all your splendor and glory! Beyond Divorce...YOU ARE WONDERFUL! YOU ARE NOT A VICTIM! YOU ARE A SURVIVOR! YOU ARE A BOSS!


With Love,


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