Exit . . Stage Right!

If you've ever watched Snagglepuss cartoon (I'm telling my age!); whenever he exited the studio he would say Exit Stage Left! Oh the memories of Saturday morning cartoons as a kid. Well this saying was very famous for quite some time anytime you got ready to leave in a hurry or you were done with whatever it is you were into. Moving right along into the topic of discussion today Exit Stage Right...and what that means.

See whenever I'm done with a discussion matter, I have learned to say what I need to say. Allow the other person to say whatever it is they need to say with back and forth conversing. Whether that's face to or whatever. Now when you go back to beating a dead horse until death itself is dead on the subject matter...I will promptly end my participation in the conversation by making the other person aware that I'm done with the conversation. Sooooo Exit Stage Right...out of my thought process!

It behooves me how you can have a conversation and for some odd reason it circles back to the very same topic it began with...and has been addressed. This is my pet peeve when conversing. If I say I'm done with the conversation and the person I'm speaking to says they're not done. Uhhhh....continue on if you like but just know that I will not be entertaining a continued conversation on that topic. Exit Stage Right!

I have learned that those conversations, if I allow them to continue, drain my energy. Dampens my WHOLE soul. These past few years I have fully embraced my mental stability and protecting my energy. Some people just like to beat death out of death just to have something to say. I'm a firm believer that the past is the past...the present is the now so live in it and the future is to come so prepare for it. I've put in alot of "self work" to get to this place.

People who don't embrace the person you are becoming and continually allow themselves to reference the old you...enjoy staying in the past. It's easy because it's territory they are familiar with. Change is hard for everyone. The person going through the change and for the people who won't allow you to change because it's uncomfortable for them to accept. Exit Stage Right!

I don't give a damn if it takes you the rest of your life to change into who you want to be before you leave this earth...take your it right and embrace every time you transform. Change is fluid. No one changes all at once and each time is different because you acquire knowledge to help your growth. I've been told I change so much people don't know who I am. My response is GREAT! I'm always trying to be better than the old me! The next time you're faced with death beating the hell out of the dead...Exit Stage Right to protect your energy! #findyourhappy

With Love,


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