Good Girl Gone M.A.D.

YESSSS . . YESSSS. .Good Girl Gone M.A.D.!! Ri-Ri said is best in her song "Good Girl Gone Bad" . .but see I'm on a whole 'nother level . .I'm going M.A.D.  You're wondering what M.A.D. is huh? Yep . . Motivated And Determined! I refuse to be set back over life's challenges because you know what . .IT'S LIFE and life happens.  You have to be able to have your moment . .brush it off and get M.A.D. (Motivated And Determined) in order to live your best life!!

The last two years have been very trying for me because I literally checked out of living life other than doing what was necessary.  Then a fire was lit inside of me to do what I love to do . . HELP PEOPLE!  Writing this blog was the best therapy ever for me!!  I don't care if I have one or one hundred readers. . .it's the message of HOPE, PERSEVERANCE, SELF LOVE and yes Motivated And Determined that I want readers to apply and receive.

We are all placed on this earth for a limited amount of time.  We should all be living our BEST LIVES in that time.  Yes there will be heartaches, setbacks and hurdles to overcome.  There was never a promise that there wouldn't be.  We were promised however that JOY COMES IN THE MORNING!  When we make it to the morning . .we already know that we have overcome!! I am a Good Girl Gone M.A.D. because I was forced into my destiny of doing what I love to do . .HELP PEOPLE . .MOTIVATE PEOPLE . .ENCOURAGE PEOPLE . .SUPPORT PEOPLE!

Because I am a Good Girl Gone M.A.D. I have a few irons on the fire!  I have this weekly blog . .which I LOVE . .a #findyourhappy event that will be held June 24th here in MN . .yesss you are all invited!!  LIKE my FB page and you will get all the details on that!! It is going to be AMAZING!!  Also I have my travel business that I have embarked on and embraced wholeheartedly . .all this in addition to my full time job, part time job and raising a family. YES you TOO can have it all!!  I work hard so I can play harder!!

Get M.A.D. right now and follow your dreams, passion and aspirations!  Live your BEST LIFE To the FULLEST!! Good Girl Gone M.A.D.


With Love

LR Wilson, Founder

FB: Channeling Tequila FB Page

IG: @channelingtequila


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