Innocence Shattered..That's Me

Sometimes we gotta just tell the truth

Call sex what it is and say it wasn't always pretty and cute

Butterflies in the stomach was intense to say the least

The most promising thing I owned gone with ease

Innocence Shattered...that's me

Jumping from bed to bed in search of relief

Not knowing he too was just another leech

A man that I never knew

See he was the same man you introduced me to

One I didn't desire to keep

Innocence Shattered...that's me

The one who stole my identity and self esteem

Wrecked all my passions and dreams

Believing that he loved me like he said he did

I let down my guard and gave him a kid

Not by choice but force you see

Innocence Shattered...that's me

All of my innocence shattered with one smile

No more am I a child

You gave me more than I could ever imagine

Taking all of me like a savage

Taken for granted every part of thee

Rebuilding my soul and my peace

Dispelling shame and defeat

Innocence Shattered...that's me

Sweet Dreams Collection

By LR Wilson

*I own the rights to this cited work*

Photo Credit: Martha Macha


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