Just A Little Sum'thin Sum'thin

It is with mixed emotions I blog today. Just A Little Sum'thin Sum'thin to get out to the readers. There has been so much hurt and violence in the last few weeks it's sometimes impossible to find a silver lining. 

The media inundates us daily with all the negative things that seem to get a rise in ratings. On one hand people want to know what's going on but on the other hand when ratings go up, that's the narrative the media will continue to write.

Unless you're a recluse, you've heard and seen the killing of George Floyd by officers formerly employed by Minneapolis Police Dept. As tragic as this was, it fueled anger and frustrations from all over the world. The voices that were silenced because they were just tired of not being heard have now resonated and rippled across the globe. If you want change, you have to put things in motion and keep those things moving after the media's attention is no longer there.

Despite the riots and looting that happened across the country, many communities have come together to support one another. Communities are being rebuilt and people's hope is being replenished. Repairing the damage to buildings is a big task, but repairing the hearts is even a bigger task.

I've seen so many posts about unfriending racists friends, acquaintances, coworkers etc. I often question if those people already knew they behaved like that or were they just so caught up in the ambience of a relationship that they just didn't want to see anything different? Either way, a zebra's stripes never change. Just because one person says a zebra is black and white and another person says white and's still a zebra.

Just A Little Sum'thin Sum'thin I need for you to remember! Always take care of your sanity and there's no approval needed from anyone for that. Love YOU more. YOU'RE worth it! #findyourhappy

With Love,

LR Wilson, Founder FB: Channeling Tequila Page IG: @channelingtequila Email: Web:


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