Move..Get Out the Way!

Move b$×+! Get out the way! If you've lived through the 90s you have definitely heard this chorus. Anytime this song hit the airwaves, you are guaranteed to bob and sing along with it. It's still banging today in the 21st Century! This is one of those songs that will probably never lose it's stamina (pun intended).

If you're a faithful follower, you're aware that I FINALLY launched the business model that I've been sitting on forever. Last school year I felt uneasy and unsure about returning to be an Adjunct Instructor at one of the local community colleges. I absolutely love teaching and love, love, love the students with their eagerness to learn. I felt uneasy because the dynamics and the administration that changed throughout the years were not what I was use to. Of course every job has its ups and downs, but I had never been down so that innate shift change in me prompted me to get moving. Welllll lo and behold I found out that after almost six years I would not be called to teach this semester. I had already confided in a few that I was unsure about returning to teach anyway because it felt different. It no longer felt like it was for the "community" and began to feel more like "corporate" to me which was definitely not what I was use to.

Last semester I dusted off my notebook with all my business plan/ideas in it. It was literally crumbled up in the trunk of my car with Lord knows what all over it due to surviving through sports equipment, grocery hauls and whatever else you throw in a trunk. Those notebook pages began to come to life one flip at a time. I solicited the help I needed in regard to my website, my LLC, my accountant etc. I didn't have a real launch date. I didn't have a fancy office suite set up. I didn't have the funds to do a "grand opening", which by the way would not go as I would want anyway due to COVID19. What I did have was the crumbled notebook with all my dreams in it that needed to be put in motion. I was displaced in order to replace that energy I put into someone else's agenda to put into my own.

I had to be ready to Move...Get Out the Way of my own self to make this happen. God allowed me to become uncomfortable in my comfort zone in order to push me into a new direction that was predestined already. Naturally I'm a giver and a helper so naturally that is my assignment. One idea after the next began to flourish and everyday I'm listening for the next instruction. It has to come from the universe otherwise it's not going to flourish as it should.

Pay attention to what's going on and what's not going on. (Read that again)

Plant seeds of mercy and grace for the harvest so you can eat from the garden of love and prosperity. Move...Get Out the Way! #findyourhappy

With Love,



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