Move In Silence & Strike Like a Python

I finally pulled it off! I launched my site with all of my business attributes in one location. Like many of us, I always had time to sow into someone else's dreams and ambitions but put mine on the back-burner. I love supporting others and at the same time I neglected support of my own passion and dreams. So many times I would begin something and then just leave it while I went to help someone else. Well after you keep doing that it tends to become the way of life for you. Naturally I am a giver so giving my time and energy to someone else's goals never once seemed like I was neglecting my own things. Well I'll be the first to tell you that yes I was neglecting my own things.

The very select few that I can count on one hand knew about this juncture as I would consult with them as the site was being built. My web designer, Austie Meyer, was simply damn amazing to say the least. So hit her up at or because she is a hidden gem honey! Funny thing about social media . .you never know the caliber of the person you will meet until you deal with them on a personal level. I was in search of a web designer and three people responded, seriously . .or so I thought. In fairness I went down the line from first to last giving them a deadline to respond. If you know me, you know I take my business very seriously no matter what I'm doing. Austie was the last person to reach out to me and the first person to actually send me a digital portfolio of her work. Now this was next level business orgasm for me. I still waited for the others to reply . .which they did not. Therefore, the obvious choice was Austie!! Once we talked and contracts were signed . .y'all know I'm about the business, she was off and running!!! Needless to say, I am extremely happy with the end result. Her talking "technical" to me during meetings about this site was like I was in a foreign country with no way out LOL! She knows her stuff!

Now when I say Move in Silence & Strike Like a Python I mean that with the most loving spirit hahaha! Yes I moved in silence for a reason. There are people who support you and there are people who have the illusion of supporting you when it's convenient for them. I'm thankful and blessed to have many in my corner who support me and believe in my ability to lead the way. I have so many blessed talents that I had to prioritize them in a way that would be lucrative for my soul, my well being and yes my income. I did alot of market research on my "worth" in the different genres on my site and quite frankly I am low balling the hell out of myself, but I'm blessed and highly-favored so what's for me is for me and I will gain in the end. I moved in silence and in obedience. Every time I wanted to tell more people about what I was doing behind the scenes, God said that's not what I told you to do. That's not who I have in your corner right now. I listened and I obeyed. It all came full circle! When you hear people say I want to work with you because I know what you are about and what you have to offer, feels pretty damn good. People know you two ways: 1) by the way you present yourself and 2) by the way you truly are. Which one are you being represented as?

At our final meeting, I hung up from the Skype meeting and began to cry. I cried tears of joy as I thought back to all the times I put this thing off. All the times I started the website and never finished it. All the times I was too busy to invest in myself. It was real and it was happening. There was no turning back from the weeks of hard work put into the project and the passion I was ready to display to the world on a grandiose scale. It was time! When it's your time, you will know and nothing will stand in your way. Move in Silence & Strike Like a Python!

With Love,

LR Wilson, Founder

Empowerment Coach ~ Ghostwriter ~ Blogger ~ Author ~ Influencer


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