Once Upon A Time

Once upon a time has always been the line that spiraled the reader head first into a story of whatever. Just those few words gave the reader the enthusiasm that this would be a great narrative!!! But before we get to that...First and foremost I would like to apologize to my loyal Channeling Tequila followers. I have not written in almost a month. To be quite honest, I was not feeling inspired and I did not get my usual message from the universe. Or so I thought! The message has been there for weeks and I refused to see or hear it. The message was loud and clear yet I refused to acknowledge that this inspiration was not for me and I was being selfish. Selfish in a bad way and not in a good way as in self care.

Week after week I have relied on the universe to speak to me and to direct me. Me not feeling inspired was a lesson for me to learn. Giving up was not an option and for two years I've had your attention. I procreated and birthed this baby. This is not the time to walk away. I got discouraged as the viewings went down. Selfishly I thought no one was reading or depending on my weekly message. Well I'm here to say that I was dead wrong! Many have reached out to ask if I was ok....if the blog was going to continue or if I needed anything. This meant alot to me. I'm not the emotional type that need accolades or even accept them. This time I had to!

Confession....I'm really not good at accepting compliments and I'm working everyday to respond with something other than no response. I have to literally stop my mind and acknowledge the compliment to fixate my mouth in responding with Thank You! Yes I'm still a work in progress. We all are...until we leave the earth.

I've been working on some amazing things to help others. For those of you who don't know, I am also an Empowerment Coach. I teamed up with C2C Coaching & Consulting. An Empowerment Coach is a little different from a Life Coach yet some of the same practices cross over. More specifically as an Empowerment Coach I assist persons with gaining confidence and execution of goals set so that they are attainable. I'm super excited about the opportunity! If you're interested...check out

Now that I've plugged that...back to the issue at hand! My selfishness! Once upon a time there was a girl that needed to feel appreciated and loved for who she thought she was. She allowed so many to tell her everything that she wasn't and she began to believe that. Then she had to accept someone else's narrative because she didn't have her own. In order to get to a place of serenity and truth, I needed to acknowledge and accept many ugly things about myself. It's hard and it's definitely ugly when you have to do those things. The reality is you have to write your own narrative in order for it to be effective. Until we can acknowledge, accept and appreciate those parts of ourselves, someone else will write the narrative and allow others to see you through their works.

I don't know who this is for, but it's time to write your narrative for the world to see and be healed through you. You've been waiting long enough and timing is everything. Your time is here! With that said, thank you for allowing me this space to write and I appreciate every read, share, post, response, message, phone call, email and text. Until next week...#findyourhappy

With Love,

LR Wilson, Founder

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