Purposefully Perfect

Purposefully Perfect yes you are, for every tear you've shed and for every scar.  The moments when you thought you were nothing turned out to be the ones that mattered most.  You were strong beyond your own beliefs . . you gave life to those things that were beneath.

Purposefully Perfect yes it is you.  Stop being so condescending of the things you do.  Take pride in all that has come your way.  The good, the bad, the indifferent and untrue.  Know without a doubt that no one can beat you being you.

Purposefully Perfect when naysayers mock, complain and try to shame you and your name.  Don't be mad at them for what they choose.  That's their job to hurt and abuse. . it's what haters do.   Remember to always thank them for showing their true selves . . .otherwise you wouldn't know anything else.

Purposefully Perfect you have been placed here to do a great work.  No one knows the many days of pain and hurt that you went through . .only to birth what is already innate in you.  Oxymoron to say the least . . Purposefully Perfect you are a BEAST!

Purposefully Perfect that's what comes to mind every single time.  Every time you doubted things wouldn't work out, you somehow made it happen and then began to shout.  Singing, dancing and moving as smooth as the ocean's rifts . .yes honey you did that shit!

Purposefully Perfect is all I can say.  Not because of repetition, but because that's the BEST WAY to describe such a gift to the world you see . . .Purposefully Perfect is both YOU and ME!


With Love,

LR WILSON, Founder

IG:  @channelingtequila

FB: Channeling Tequila

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