The Rant!

Things that irritate the hell out of me is selective memory and downright denial. It never ceases to amaze me that some people tend to have selective memory about what they did to a person and then there's complete denial. I'm very transparent and I've not ways been this way for fear of judgment. Then I had to realize that the only way I can get to the healing I needed was to just put it out there...own it and learn from it.

The worst thing you can do to a person is deny your part in the demise of a situation. That selective memory shit kills me. I am venting differently and in real time. Not everyone is at a point in their lives where they accept responsibility and I get that because I've been there. Now at some point there should've been a time when you at least reflected on your role in the situation. Maybe it's just me but I wholeheartedly know that is the key to healing.

"Hurt people hurt other people" is an excuse to continue the behavior. I know all the sociology and psychology peeps heads are spinning right now. I said it and I stand by it. Because you were hurt would signify to me that you don't want anyone else to feel that type of pain. Please understand that I too have been the perpetrator of pain. Again...this is just me. There are so many undiagnosed people running around trying to self medicate by spewing trauma on others that they never dealt with or don't acknowledge.

Please get your toxic asses away from me if you're not ready to accept what is and make it better. Not just for yourself but for others involved. It's selfish to want other people to treat you a certain way, yet you're not willing to do the same. Do everyone a favor and get you some prayer and some therapy. It's life changing once you get the right one!

So with all of that mindful and be healed. #findyourhappy

With Love,






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