Time Matters

Day by day we are living on borrowed time. Nobody knows when our time is up so during such a crisis, time matters more than ever now. Many of us are home taking care of family, working from home, home schooling and pretty much there's never been enough hours in the day...and for sure now. What we do in the time that we have before us matters. 

Time matters when it comes to our daily mental health. We must do everything in our power to keep some control in such a chaotic time in life. Staying active mentally and physically is a healthy response to the limited resources and time we have. Let me be the first to say that I am not always vigilant with working out; however just as I was getting back into the gym on a regular basis, "this" happened. I had to do something to stay on task as well as to continue the process of taking excess lower body weight off so my knees can stay working! I found Afrokaribe on a Facebook search with Val "I Am Zumba" Turner. It is donation based and virtual! Perfect for me!! I love to dance and it's a real workout! Check it out!

Mentally I continue to not surround myself with negative energy. If I encounter it, I'm at a place in my life where it doesn't bother me. Time matters because without my persistence to keep my physical and mental health in tact during this time, I would be SOL! Although I have my family, I don't have another intricate part of my time with work family. Yes virtual is cool but we're a social family and that matters to how good a team can be.

Don't let this time "out of the norm" get you into a place that you stay unfamiliar. I'm still making business moves and collaborating with others. I'm blessed to be able to work from home so I'm not losing anything financially. What will you do with this extra time that matters in so many ways? How will you better yourself or assist others with being better?  What does YOUR TIME look like? If not now...when? Time matters!


With Love,

LR Wilson, Founder 

FB: Channeling Tequila page 




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