Unapologetic for being exactly the person you groomed me to be

The one that lied in order for you to see me

Unapologetic for leaving the girl you once knew behind

Her innocence shattered from your lies

Unapologetic for believing that one day she could be exactly what you needed

Only to realize she had been defeated

Unapologetic for unanswered questions that you really didn't want the answers to

Those same questions that you just knew you knew

Unapologetic for the way you viewed her soul

Naive enough to believe that the two of you would grow old

Sitting together reciting stories untold

Unapologetic for the worth you threw away

I'm exactly what you thought I would never be on this very day

Unapologetic for the tears that were shed

Spending days and sometimes weeks in bed

Unapologetic for the strength I gained

Through the trials, tribulations and pain

Unapologetic for walking in my destiny

I'm going to be exactly who you believed I couldn't be

Unapologetic for who I am now

A woman with purpose...I know right.. WOW!

I said all of this in order to say

I'm unapologetic in that way

Sweet Dreams Collection

LR Wilson

*I own the rights to this cited work*

FB: Channeling Tequila page



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