What's In A Name?

Channeling Tequila??? Why in the world did you choose that name?  Oh, because you LOVE tequila! Welllll . . .since you did ask, yes I do LOVE tequila especially and emphatically Patron; however that is not why I chose the name for my blog series.  This blog idea has been sitting and fermenting for some time until one day I decided this is the day.  I've been directed to do this for so long; yet and still I kept talking about doing it...but faith without works is dead!  I was struggling with naming the blog because I needed it to 1) get attention, 2) not be too overwhelming and 3) definitely not be confined to a particular audience or subject matter.  I'm a Leo so I need to roam in order to be at peace in everything I do.

On my personal Facebook page, I shared a post that read "stop trying to make everybody happy. you're not tequila" courtesy of Purple Clover.  This resonated with me because indeed my temporary happy occurs when I'm drinking Patron tequila.  I don't care what's going on in my life . .give me some Patron tequila and I am instantly in chill-mode . . no worries . . no fears . . complete and utter temporary happiness . .LOL! Anyone that has been in my presence while I'm drinking Patron can vouch for my demeanor of complete chill!

By now you're saying...sooooo are you going to tell us how you came up with Channeling Tequila because it really sounds like it's because you love Patron tequila??!! Hold on...I'm getting there!! As I was going to say before I was interrupted with your impatience in my mind...I was walking to coffee with my sister-friend Marcia and discussing my blog name problem.  She mentioned my Facebook post from that morning and how Patron tequila does make me happy when nothing else will so what about "Channeling Tequila"? "I like that", I said.  Well then she retracted and said, "no wait that doesn't go with your spiritual side".  "Why not" I asked.  She said, "I don't know."  As we continued to walk back to the office, I kept thinking about it over and over again.  The more I thought about it, the more it fit me perfectly!!

My spirituality has nothing to do with the title of a blog.  The message I am delivering is what's important to me.  This blog will talk about a lot of things . .everyday life things . .things that will make you channel YOUR HAPPY - which just happens to be Patron tequila for me at times . .LOL!  Whatever YOUR HAPPY is . .we will be channeling just that! You are in charge of your own HAPPINESS and no one else walking on this earth has the ability to give you that. Now that you know the FULL STORY behind the name . . .I invite you to buckle your seatbelts. . .put on your helmets and push the throttle to the floor because we are about to take off!  PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE LEAVE A COMMENT!  YOU matter!!

Channeling Tequila!

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Be Blessed!

LR Wilson, Founder

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