When Your Spirit Says No....

Honey let me go ahead and put this out there for everybody. When your spirit says no....issa no! No matter how much you try to justify and realign things to fit your desire, it will not work if you're spirit says no. I'm here to tell you first hand that following your spirit is real and it's the safest thing to do.

I signed up for a plus model opportunity and it took me some days to actually do it which is not like me. I love modeling so naturally I was intrigued by the opportunity that was sent to me. Well after sitting on it, I finally accepted the invite. It still didn't sit right with my spirit. I've never met these people so I have no idea what the spirit knows that I don't. It's not unusual to meet new people in the modeling world. I mean I did do an online audition and was chosen to model in January for Curves Beautifully Empowered way over in Washington State. Got on a plane with my suitcase and made it happen! But something is awry with this.

So today was supposed to be the audition. I had not received any follow up information after signing up...which is unusual. I go onto social media today and find out it has been rescheduled for next weekend. Stop...that's my Sequel 46 Birthday! So we all KNOW that's my family time and there will be no such activity of auditioning for nothing!

I'm saying all this to say, when your spirit doesn't sit right with something, it's real. There have been many times that I have been set to do something or attend an event and my spirit said no! Although I don't like turning down things last minute, I will. That's my protection monitor. We have to learn to block out the noise in order to connect with our inner selves and peace. I make no apologies for being obedient. Lets not get it twisted...there have been many occasions where I didn't listen and I was reminded of the consequences. Next time your spirit days should probably listen. Your angel is protecting you from others and even from yourself 😘

Be Blessed!

With Love,

LR WILSON, Founder

Channeling Tequila

Photo Credit: Google Images


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