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Who We Are

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LR Wilson Consulting LLC specializes in personal and professional development. Client support is offered through a series of workshops, conferences, group and individual coaching sessions. We equip clients with skills to live an Empowerment Lifestyle in every aspect of their lives through customized coaching plans, empowerment blueprinting, dialectic behavioral therapy resources, and accountability awareness.

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Our corporate partners receive specialized training in Diversity, Equity and Inclusion. Topic discussions include, but are not limited to:

Trainings are offered in person and virtually.

 Coaching with LR Wilson

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What I Specialize In

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Customized Coaching



Dialectical Behavior


Accountability Awareness

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Training

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"LaToya is an inspirational, motivational queen! She has enough get-up-and-go for everybody and consistently inspires me to keep pushing, regardless of my set backs. If you are looking for someone strong, empathetic and supportive to help you on your journey. I HIGHLY recommend her!"

~ Austie Meyer ~ Empowerment Participant

"L.R. Wilson is a wonderful coach! She helps you organize yourself, your goals and keeps up with your progress even after the session is complete. Not only is she extremely thorough and professional, she's also very relatable. It's like having a brilliant best friend who genuinely cares about your growth and your future. I 100 percent support this business and Ms. Wilson. She is proof that everything you wish to accomplish is possible!"

~ S. Kai ~ Empowerment Graduate

"LaToya Wilson is an amazing motivational speaker. Her workshops leave every individual spiritually impacted and the participants connected and bonded."  

~ M. Cooper ~

"I highly recommend her coaching services. I was one that would not speak up for the things that I want and would just let someone do whatever and just sit quiet while the opportunity that I deserved passed me by. While participating in her sessions I gained the courage and support from my sessions and my classmates in the session to stand up and stand out. I am so grateful for this as I have been promoted to a higher position as well as asking to assist on another level in my career."

~ T. Juma ~

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